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Funny Jokes In English

Funny Jokes In English, English Jokes


Funny Jokes In English

Girl – You would be a good dancer except for two things.
Boy – What are the two things?
Girl – Your feet.
Submitted by Bob Waldman


A family of mice were surprised by a big cat. Father Mouse jumped and and said, “Bow-wow!” The cat ran away. “What was that, Father?”

asked Baby Mouse. “Well, son, that’s why it’s important to learn a second language.”


Jokes In English

My friend said he knew a man with a wooden leg named Smith.
So I asked him “What was the name of his other leg?”
(Try this one with your students the next time you are teaching a lesson that includes this type of grammer.)


The doctor to the patient – ‘You are very sick’
The patient to the doctor – ‘Can I get a second opinion?’
The doctor again – ‘Yes, you are very ugly too…’
I use this joke for retelling in reported speech.
Submitted by: Adriana Luchetti


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